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CDR - unhenged - thewysticsmankers@stonehenge.1984 (1 hr 12mins)

This is it. Probably the best existing recordings of the Wystics. Recorded on different nights during Stonehenge Free Festival 1984.

There are 4 tracks here, 2 of them based around treated tubes and percussion and 2 with the more regular bass/kit drums/guitar thing going on.

With a bonus track of Rainbow Ron's "Love Revolution"featuring The Colin Angela Tribe Wall of Sound.

1. from "Five weights of bush (part one)" 3.6MB

2. from "Five weights of bush (part two)" 4.1MB

3. from "blank holiday" 3.8MB

4. from "Bluestoned" 3.5 MB


available to download at Bandcamp

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CDR - The Wystics 82/83 - (1hour)

live tracks from

Moat Farm, Rougham - may 83
Greenham Common - july 82
Fire and Water Fair, Beyfield - august 82
Hackney Bus Garage - november 82

plus a couple of interesting 'studio' bits.

1. taken from "idon'tknowwhatyoucallit" 4.9MB

2. taken from "Flenda" 4.8MB

full track listings and possible culprits


Where in the world?

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CDR - Once at a Blue Moon - the 2008 rehash - (42 mins.)

ONCE AT A BLUE MOON on the Friday afternoon a dozen
or more of them invaded the stage and someone went
up to the man on the mixing desk and gave him a stereo
tape deck with a tape in it and said can you record the
band for us and he tried his best but it wasn’t easy trying
to work out what these mankers were doing up there on
which mic or instrument and to whom and with what
purpose AND keep an eye on the recording so if a
channel peaked he just turned it down sometimes a long
way down and then forgot to turn it back up again while
he was trying to work out who was doing what to whom
and with what and to what purpose and out of all this
came a very serendipitous recording...and Glenda saw
that it was good and edited a tape from it on Janet’s
twin deck and then made some copies of it that others
might also see that it was good and Janet kept the
original edit for 25 years until Will found out and said
can I have a look at that and he turned back up the bits
the man on the mixer had turned down and did some
other stuff with it but not too much because it was the
very fact that the man on the mixing desk couldn’t work
out who was doing what to whom with what and to what
purpose that made it such a delight in the first place....


listen to "THE CHAIRS OF REALITY " from this recording


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