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Where in the world?

"LOVEST" - (1hour 13mins)

Released by RAIG in Moscow.

".....[The Surf Messengers] utilise dense, slow, calm, flowing and continuous electro-acoustic figures to construct 3 long textural compositions.......This is neither dark minimalism nor pastoral ambience......[invocative of] solitude and grief but without becoming dark.......freeform conceptual landscapes......" Igor Gorely

The album comes in a special 'image-book' packaging by Muscovite designer ZonderZond: oversized hardcover w/ blind impression; 50 pages with photo-illustrations by Alexander Maslenitsyn; full colour offset-printing w/ additional graphics by selective varnish.

The 3 songs are:

1. "Strange Archers" - 26mins 45 secs
Glenda's radio voice architecture, Nick's string/saw/snare ratchet machine and Will's treated guitars underscore Annie's disquieting dialectic about loss, redemption and the juice of males.

2. "Ni, my lovest one" - 15mins 02 secs
Recorded live in concert: digital static and alto sax built on a bedrock of Will's self-sampled vocal loop leads into a song of remembered love and disquiet - "don't touch them, or love will turn away..." Featuring the 'Nicktaphone'

3. "Bright Clear Blue" - 31mins 18 secs
a song about the persistence of memory and the impermanence of being (from a Buddhist perspective, no bad thing!). A minimalist composition of heavily treated looped guitars and metal, with flute and Nicktaphone. Recorded 'live' in the studio

Where in the world?

Excerpts from a 24hr performance - (1hour 13mins.)

Recorded in front of an invited audience in a marquee on a village green in rural England. 11 tracks from the final 10 hours of a continuous day long event.

1. taken from "eating cake in a cave"
a wistfully twisted vocal/guitar piece.

2. taken from "Happy Journey"
incorporating samples lifted from a live feed of the Japanese Grand Prix.

3. taken from "it's not plugged in"
a stepped-waltz for power tools and kitchen appliances.

Available to download at iTunes and CDBaby and eMusic and PayPlay

Where in the world?

CDR - T 50 + 1 part one - (1hour 11mins.)

Created and recorded autumn '05 in the foothills of the Prescelli mountains.

1. the first few minutes of "Water" with words by the extraordinary Dot Clancy, now, sadly, only with us in spirit.

2. random snatches of Dot's words against a lunatic three-step gives us "Never mind the quantum physics/Decker John", here's 3 minutes from the middle of it...

3. ...and 3 minutes from the middle of the icy wastelands of "Arctic casino"

4. "...been here before..." nearing the end of this 20 minute adventure

5. and finally something from the disturbingly catchy ""GIVE IT UP!" (for lent)"

Available to download at iTunes and CDBaby